Read This Or Die...
Today, You Have A 95% Chance Of Eventually Dying From A Disease Or Condition For Which There Is Already A Known Cure Right At Your Fingertips.

I Want To Free You From That Destiny.

Most of your friends or family may be doomed to suffer (or even die) from one or more of these diseases:

Yet, There Is A Simple And Natural Nutrient That
Has Been Proven To Cure, If Not Dramatically Relieve,
Ailments, Diseases Or Illnesses.

There are no side-effects (other than the rare “healing crisis” when your body expels harmful, toxic and even deadly poisons from your body)

You don’t need expensive trips to Europe for elite treatments. In fact, you can dramatically reduce or completely reverse almost all ailments your loved one’s suffer from for less than 1.08¢ a day.

It is so powerful yet so available, and therefore so inexpensive, that “Big Pharma” have gone to great lengths to discredit it. Their bulldog, the FDA, has gone out of its way to punish and humiliate highly respected medical doctors who tried to use it.

Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg even proved that lack of it was the cause of cancer — and supplying your cells with it not only kills cancer cells and tumors, but blocks future cancer cells from forming.

What Is This Super Nutrient — This Miracle Cure
— I’ve Been Speaking About? It Is Oxygen.

That’s right. This simple, abundant, and free substance is nature’s invisible healer.

Some who know it’s healing power, and how to use it, call it “Natures Disinfectant”.

Within your body, oxygen naturally hunts down disease, bacteria, viruses and toxins — like an army that seeks out enemies that attack your body’s cells, destroys them and flushes them out of your system.

However, even though over 6,100 medical articles attesting to the success of this simple therapy have been published in European scientific literature, this information has been, and is still, aggressively suppressed in the U.S.

This Simple Cure, For Virtually All Diseases,
Threatens The Livelihood And The Trillion-Dollar
Earnings Of The Pharmaceutical And Health
Care Industries.

Not to mention the medical centers and physicians that make a fortune providing expensive drugs, complex medical procedures and long hospital stays.

Enlightened non-profit oriented American doctors who employ this therapy to cure "incurable" and life-threatening diseases (or endorse the therapy in any way) come under heavy attack.

They are threatened with hefty fines, the revocation of their medical licenses — and sometimes jail. Here’s why:

Fact: Disease Cannot Survive In An
Oxygenated Environment

Most of us today, are not suffering from a medical illness. We’re suffering from a lack of oxygen.

Over time, it’s normal for our body to experience some loss of vitality. But people experiencing real disease states and declining health these days, are suffering mostly due to this one simple fact:

There is just not enough oxygen in your cells to function normally, stay healthy, and fight off dangerous toxins and microorganisms that thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment!

Fact: Oxygen Cannot Cure Disease Unless It's
Delivered Into the Cells of the Body

The human body is NOT always able to deliver oxygen to the cells and tissues.

In order for oxygen to eradicate disease, it must be delivered not just
to the lungs — and not just to the bloodstream — but inside the cells and tissues of the body.

That's why other oxygen based therapies — such as: oxygenated water, oxygen-rich foods or supplements, or treatments that release oxygen into the bloodstream — are not always effective in treating disease.

While they supply the body with oxygen, they don't always enter your cells, which means the oxygen is not delivered into the cells and tissues.

The simple therapy you're about to learn, which thousands of people all over the world are calling "the world's greatest healing miracle of all time," is the only one that uses a natural oxygenating substance to infuse each cell in your body with life-giving oxygen, seek out and destroy illness and prevent further attacks and flush them out of your body.

Cellular Oxygen Starvation - The Perfect Storm
That Breeds Disease

Here is the bottom line — we are all swimming in a toxic soup of poor air and water quality.

Not to mention the alarming levels of chemicals and toxins that have found their way into our food supply.

And into the fluids that surround our cells and organs.

Add to that, the unavoidable over-consumption of alcohol and processed foods devoid of almost all real nutrition.

It is a recipe that keeps most of us in a constant state of oxygen deficiency. It is the perfect storm.

Oxygen deficiency at a cellular level is, and always has been, at the root of all illness.

From cancer, to heart disease, to cholesterol, Alzheimer's, diabetes & hypoglycemia, arthritis, tumors or any of the diseases we are dying from today — lack of oxygen is the common denominator.

But There Is Hope.

By supplying oxygen into your cells — what I call “cellular oxygen” —they will have the power to defend and repair themselves. Just like they were designed to.

You know all of those laundry detergents
or cleaning products that are called “oxy this” or “oxy-that”? They’re named that way because they “have the cleaning power of oxygen...”

You can think of oxygen-therapies the same way. They clear out all the gunk in your body safely and without any negative side effects.

Oxygen is an “intelligent molecule” that has the ability to blanket an area and attack and kill harmful organisms and toxins.

This way, the troops of your immune system can wage war against illness while your healthy cells remain safe.

Oxygen Therapies Have Been Shown To Defeat
Disease By Finding Its Hidden Weakness.

For example —

The Achilles’ heel of heart disease. A little-known enzyme has been found in those who have healthy arteries no matter how they eat. Oxygen stimulates this enzyme, and strips deadly plaque from your arteries as if they were made of Teflon.

Cancer’s downfall is its inability to survive in
an environment with high oxygen levels. Oxygen stops cancer cells from multiplying and starves them to death before purging them out of you.

A stroke’s weak link is life-giving oxygen inside your heart muscle cells, which rapidly restores a strong healthy rhythm. Oxygen also reverses stroke damage — even up to five years afterward by getting that oxygen quickly to where it’s needed most.

Arthritis’ vulnerability is the inherent repair mechanism built into every one of your joints. All this mechanism needs is the right mount of soothing oxygen, and the inflammation stops, pain vanishes, and cartilage rebuilds.

Viruses’ weakness is its parasitic nature. They NEED weak and corrupted cells to access and feed off your DNA and replicate itself. Oxygen instantly seeks out and halts the viruses’ ability to attach itself to your healthy cells and use your DNA as a host. (This includes, but is not limited to, HIV/AIDS, herpes and Hepatitis viruses)

That is just the beginning.

Hundreds Of Thousands, Maybe Even Millions Of People Outside The US Have Received Oxygen Treatments
By Licensed Physicians, Legitimate Medical Practitioners, And Even Used Simple Home Therapies.

And They Have Beaten Diseases, Even AIDS And Cancer!

The cure is right out in the open. You have to ask yourself, “If so many other countries are using oxygen therapy, why is the US hell-bent of making sure it never sees the light of day?”

We don’t hear it or see it because vested interests of the medical establishment have used disinformation.

Just like slight-of-hand in a magic show, to turn our heads in another direction, so we cannot see the truth
that is right in front of us!

They announce new diseases like a movie producer announces his next blockbuster — only to sell their next drug.

The sad, yet infuriating fact is that health in the US is a “for-profit” industry. And prolonged disease is the lifeblood of this industry.

With All The Pain And Suffering This Simple Nutrient
Has The Power To Make Vanish (Without Debilitating
Side-Effects)... Is It Any Wonder I Call This
The “Gaia's Protocol”?

I’m George Bridgeham, an independent natural health researcher and natural health practitioner.

In my thorough and in-depth guide, “The Gaia's Protocol”, I detail exactly how anyone can begin to flood their cells with the rejuvenating and healing power of oxygen immediately and inexpensively.

I want you to test the oxygen therapies I outline in the “Gaia's Protocol’ on yourself, or on a loved one who is needlessly suffering from an illness that can easily be cured — or at the very least, provide the relief they desperately crave.

I’ll Show You The Readily Available Oxygen Therapy Treatments You Can Start As Early As Tonight.

One of which costs you less than 2 cents a day and can cure almost ANY illness you can think of. Yes, I know it sounds incredible - but it’s true.

I want to show you the easy way to make sure your body's cells are open and ready to receive and utilize the oxygen from the bloodstream. This is crucial because disease prevention and eradication depend on the cells being infused with oxygen.

But most of all, I want to share with you an incredibly simple method for applying oxygen therapy in your home, without having to travel to a specialist, without having to pay for expensive treatments and without having to haggle with insurance.

Yet is so effective you can begin to see and and feel your illness vanish before your eyes.

A vitamin in certain foods that increase the red blood cell supply which

then increases the amount of oxygen traveling through your whole body.(p.112)

Discover oxygen-boosting foods that naturally increase the oxygenating

power of your blood and keep your bones as strong as a teenagers.(p.121)

A non-strenuous way to exercise, which uses oxygen to eliminate waste
  through your lymphatic system. It only takes 15 minutes a day. (p.113)

A “16 Day Dosing Chart” to show you exactly how to create your own oxygen

therapy at home. You will also instantly receive a maintenance schedule for both severe illnesses and less severe illnesses. (p.82)

(If you find the healing effect too intense, easily find a pace that is more comfortable for you – but do not give up.)

Immunize yourself and your children against the “cold season” and enjoy the
  holidays with vitality and vigor. (P.162)

Create a rejuvenating “oxygen bath” in your own bathtub while at the same

time curing skin problems like eczema, psoriasis or fungal infections. It’s like having a health spa right in your own home. (p.123)

Two minerals to supplement with to create an oxygen-rich environment
  for your cells.(p.111)

Discover the magic number of breaths per minute that increases your intake

of oxygen with breathing. Most of us tend to be “chest breathers”. Chest breathing causes you to take in too much air per inhalation and constricts blood vessels.(p.113)

The 21 approved medical illnesses that allow oxygen therapy -- and therefore,
  are reimbursable by insurance.(p.94)

For more serious cases, you will receive a directory of approved oxygen therapy
  practitioners in your area.(p.179-188)

"A certain delicious edible golden honey that is rich in "oxygen water".(p.114)

How peak performance athletes are using oxygen therapy to repair their damaged

tissues and organs and returning to peak performance at any age.(p.106)

2 vitamins to add to your oxygen treatments to double its effectiveness.(p.84)

How depression and mood swings are not a genetic disease passed down through

your family genes but nothing more than oxygen deprivation at a cellular level. (pgs.130 - 131)

Dissolve cancerous skin growth within a week using the “soak method”.

Avoid “traditional” medical treatments that come with frightening side-effects of vomiting, hair loss and extreme fatigue. (p.157)

Finally get relief from candida, digestive problems and any yeast infection
  you are suffering from.(p.42-43)

A type of oxygen therapy, that is now being recognized as a safe and effective way

to treat children with autism, people with brain damage, paralysis caused by stroke and fibromyalgia.(102-103)

Melt tumors away with a specific form of oxygen therapy. Surgery, radiation and

chemotherapy, like blood-letting, can be a thing of the past.(p.70)

Completely and permanently clear arteries of plaque with devastating
  ease and swiftness. (p.143)

Reduce wrinkles and age related skin conditions by neutralizing “Free Radicals”.

Free radicals cause your organs to age well before their time by attacking cells at a molecular level. Oxygen combats these free
radicals. (p.106)

4 easy to find supplement ingredients that increase oxygen for people.(p.111)

How this type of "oxygen water" can also be used as a healthy, fresh and

natural way to clean and sterilize food and food prep areas. Spray eggs, cheese, fruits, and vegetables to protect them from unwanted and harmful bacteria"(p.115)

16 ways to “green clean” your home, fruits and vegetables with these Hydrogen

Peroxide formulas. No more toxic fumes or residues. (P.173-174)

You Are At A Crossroad Between Life And Disease

In the 1940’s and 1950’s plastics, other chemicals and petroleum-based synthetics exploded into our lives.

By some estimates, these materials—plasticizers, dyes, pesticides—have increased by a shocking 8,200% in the last 25 years.

There is “upside” of that, of course. We have improved agriculture, economic wealth, and an abundance of useful materials like Tupperware to Polyester.

The downside?

Our world is slowly dying, being choked
to death
by increasing amounts of poisons,
toxic chemicals, heavy metals, industrial and pharmaceutical waste.

All of these things wind up in the air we
breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

As the world gets contaminated, the fluids surrounding our cells and organs also gets polluted.

We are all swimming in a toxic soup. It is no wonder the world — especially industrial nations such as the U.S. — are facing epidemics of ADHD, cancer, fatigue, headaches, obesity, early puberty, sterility, brain defects, muscle and visual problems, the list goes on and on and on.


...Your Body Has An Incredible, Almost Miraculous,
Ability To Repair Itself Over And Over Again.

But you see, your body was just not “designed” to cope with the current toxic assault it is today.

Your body pays a price for all the pathogens and chemicals you unknowingly ingest. Many of these chemicals are very difficult to remove from your body.

These chemicals accumulate in the body’s cells, organs and fatty tissues. Eventually, these chemicals can cause cancer, heart disease, and any number of other illnesses and life-threatening diseases.

However, as you will soon discover, you can give your body the power it needs to fight back against all this “chemical warfare” with the simple oxygen therapies you can use for yourself, right at home, for pennies a day.

Try These Simple Therapies For Yourself For Free.

Download Gaia's Protocol. Follow it.

If you don’t see a difference in your health, or in an ailment you are suffering from...

...You lose absolutely nothing. You can request a refund within _____ days of your purchase, and you'll receive it cheerfully — no questions< asked.

Once you start to experience the power of oxygen therapy — whether you’re doing it at home or at one of the 110 clinics I provide in our extensive resource section, you will see how your energy, well-being and vitality have been needlessly weighed down for most of your life.

You have, in this moment, the power to heal any disease. My wish for you is not just to help you live as long as possible — but to fill those years with the ability to experience all life has to offer.

The ability to care, protect and provide for those you love, to play games with your grandchildren — maybe even see them grow up and get married.

And for that reason...

...I Want To Give You, Absolutely Free, One Of
My Break Through Books As A Bonus.

So order your copy now, while it is still available.

But Don’t Stop There.

Write your elected officials. Call in on radio talk shows and share the news. Or send copies to their reporters and program directors, (especially at listener-supported stations, such as NPR, as these are more likely to be open to this kind of information.)

If you know teachers, physicians, or health officials who still seem like they are open-
and can think for themselves, tell them
about the evidence for oxygen treatments
and cures.

Notify your local police and First Responders that these oxygen therapies, as described in this book, can give them a way of making sure they'll be safe from infection due
to contact with AIDS carriers

Please share your copy of this book with anyone you know that has a health problem — even a minor one.

Every Radically New Major Medical Breakthrough
Goes Through Three Stages:

First, they are ridiculed, and then violently opposed, and finally, they are accepted.

Just like Vitamin C as a cure was laughed at, just like the “germ theory” was scoffed at, oxygen therapy is just another major milestone in the evolution
of science.

The question is, “Which side of history will you be a part of?”

Clinics offering oxygen therapy for conditions not included in the list of 11 approved for insurance, have been closed down, practitioners have had their licenses threatened or revoked, and as you’ve seen above, have even been throw
in jail!

There Is A Very Good Reason Why The “Powers That Be”
Try So Hard To Distract You Away From Using Such
An All Encompassing Cure.

What would happen to doctors, large for-profit hospitals, drug companies and insurance companies, if a simple and inexpensive “cure” was discovered for ailments ranging from the AIDS and the “Big C” to the common cold?

Yet, there are many people the world over, who have been helped ,and yes, even “cured” by this miracle therapy and all its forms.

Unfortunately there are countless millions more who are in horrible pain and suffering needlessly because they do not know about oxygen therapy.

Stop buying into the idea that cancer, AIDS, and other "terminal" illnesses are automatic “untreatable” death sentences.

I have taken all the risk away. The people you love depend on you.

I do not know when this letter will be taken down. As you have seen, the FDA
and the medical establishment fight to keep a cure this powerful hidden.

Begin The Journey To A Disease Free Life

Think of your body as a lawn at the beginning of Spring.

Now that lawn has the potential of being lush green and beautiful, or become brown and weathered and full of weeds.

That is because there, at the beginning of the season, there are both grass seeds, and the seeds of weeds and decay buried deep in the soil.

Depending on how you treat your lawn, you can determine what you get.

Neglect it, and it turns brown and full of weeds — suffocating all the healthy flowers.

Nourish it properly, and it remains lush and vital all season long, and
likely will come back even stronger next year!

You body is the same.

Nourish your body with oxygen, and you too will bloom for years to come!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Independent Natural Health Researcher
Natural Health Practitioner

P.S. The “Gaia's Protocol” covers a wide variety of therapies to heal any illness. It teaches you how to "get in front" an illness and remove them before they further weaken your cells, and allow the spread to other cells.

But you have to see and feel it for yourself to appreciate what the “Gaia's Protocol” reveals. And since you take NO RISK because of our 60 days 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you'd regret passing up this opportunity!

Order now and download the “Gaia's Protocol” right now.

I assure you — you won't be disappointed.

P.P.S. Prior to the release of this guide, you would have had to travel to Europe or Mexico or any other country that recognizes the power of oxygens healing mechanisms, and pay thousands of dollars for travel, room and board, and lost income.

But now, while this is still available, a limited few can have these secrets in the privacy, comfort, and convenience of their living room or office.

No thanks, George. I’m fine with not knowing any better about my own health. I appreciate the offer, but I’ll pass on having the only comprehensive guide that will teach me how to stop illnesses at the root, and heal any chronic ailment that might occur in my lifetime.


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